Saam Gabriel

Die Begegnung im Internet

Morte amara


I was told, you left in peace with your faith.

That of course did not say what faith you meant.

Nothing about what faith you had to accept during your life.

It was told, you mentioned my name, before you drew the line. 

That doesn't say nothing about all of your victims.

Even less about the names you haven't mentioned.

There is a difference between body, soul and spirit. 

Your body stopped being a hide away for your soul.

Your spirit was too weak already for so long.

Long must it have been, the lonelyness of your soul.

Well, you have now released her into eternal oblivion.

It is a good thing, to start the journey in peace with your destany.

And for those, who will remain for a while?

I was told, time heals all wounds.

So it does, though time does not master the art of plastic surgery.

May my body look untouched, my spirit so very strong,

the scars of your life remain on my soul.


©2014 Saam Gabriel